Washington United for Marriage: Campaign for Marriage Equality

by Shar Lichty Wednesday, Jan 25, 2012 | 10:22pm | Comment on this

By Shar Lichty

Will Washington be the next state to grant this civil right to same sex couples? I dare to dream the time is now.

PJALS has endorsed and is actively working with the campaign for marriage equality in Washington State, Washington United for Marriage. Governor Gregoire made a public announcement in support of marriage equality for this legislative session introduced the bills, SB 6239 and HB 1963. Since then, King County Council and Tacoma City Council have both passed resolutions in support of marriage equality as well as two Republican Senators publicly announcing their support.

The campaign kicked-off with a Community Meeting with powerful speeches from Pastor Todd Ekloff from the Unitarian Universalist Church, City Councilmember Jon Snyder,and two loving, committed same-sex couples and included campaign information from Halei Watkins. For more information on the campaign, links to news coverage, and an action alert to contact your legislators visit http://washingtonunitedformarriage.org/.

This campaign will be in two phases, the first is to pass the bill during the legislative session and the second on voter education and turnout in November should the opposition put a challenge on the ballot. Please contact your legislators and urge them to support marriage equality and look for updates on how you can help with educating your friends and neighbors.

Other ways you can get involved now are by joining us on Jan 28th 1-4pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church for a training on how to share your story for marriage equality, and at the Love for All: March for Marriage Equality on Feb 13th we are organizing with Westminster UCC and other community leaders (save the date and keep an eye out for updated information). If you would like further information on any of these opportunities, please contact me at slichty@pjals.org or 509-838-7870.

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