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We’ll double AND stretch your gift like no one else!


We’re excited to announce that every dollar you give before the end of the year will be matched up to $4016! So when you give $25, PJALS will get $50!

Will you support our work with a gift today, so we can double it with our matching challenge?

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The volunteer power of PJALS means we not only double but also stretch your gift like no one else. How? Check it out–Our amazing volunteers include

  • four Community Organizing Interns (Michelle, Lucia, Josh, and Justin), who organize press conferences, rallies, meetings and more!
  • our volunteer Volunteer Coordinator and Office Manager Suzy, who recruits volunteers to make sure our mailings get out, our outreach tables get staffed, and our big events go off without a hitch
  • our volunteer Donations Manager Nancy, who enters every single donation we get, hand-writes thank you notes, AND brings us cookies every week (how lucky can we get??)
  • our volunteer interim Treasurer Mike, who does all our bookkeeping and financial reporting; and
  • our wonderful Steering Committee members: chair Megan Cuilla, vice chair Linda Greene, secretary Rebecca Lamb, Justin Ellenbecker, David Brookbank, and Steering Committee advisor Ken Isserlis. … and our newest member, Young Activist Leaders graduate Alyssa Henderson!

These amazing folks mean that when you give to PJALS, you’re supporting a welcoming community of passionate people who are putting our shared values into action–and making a difference!

Will you support our work with a gift today, so we can double it with our matching challenge? 
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This year, support from people like you has made it possible for us to:

  • win a unanimous YES vote to send Independent Investigations of Police Conduct to the ballot for a vote of the people!
  • deliver 1123 signatures to Senators Murray and Cantwell to urge them to vote for “Money for People, Not for War!” with the support of 18 faith communities, businesses, and organizations!
  • educate voters to successfully defend the freedom to marry for all loving couples in Washington State!
  • close the big bank tax loophole and begin to change the public debate to focus on our loophole-driven revenue crisis!
  • support and train 15 Young Activist Leaders so they can put their social justice passions into effective action for change!
  • organize films, speakers, and press conferences on key issues like racist disparities in our state, militarism & the role of the US, human rights in Palestine & Israel, alternatives to incarceration, the freedom to marry, the death penalty, and more.

None of this is possible without support from people like you! We rely on member donations for more than half of our lean & efficient annual budget. It’s easy to give a monthly or one-time gift at — and every gift matters!

Will you support our work with a gift today, so we can double it with our matching challenge?
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Thank you for making possible our work together!

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