Our generation has all the potential

by Audrey Connor Wednesday, Mar 6, 2013 | 1:13pm | Comment on this

Audrey ConnorYoung Activist Leader reflection

By Audrey Connor, Youth Sustainability Council, Community-Minded Enterprises

Thus far into the program, YALP has really helped me understand the context of my thinking as both a semi-organizer and a private citizen. I feel so engaged and impassioned in every discussion, and being able to share my thoughts and opinions freely among like-minded individuals (under the guidance of Shar and Liz) has been a huge gift, especially lately as I figure out what it is I want from my life and experiences.

I am also able to listen to different points of view and have my mind changed often. I really respect my fellow program members, and many of the exercises and discussions we have had have reassured me that our generation has all the potential I tell people it  does. I am really, really grateful this program exists.

For more information about PJALS Young Activist Leader Program, visit www.pjals.org/yalp

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