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Justin FillaBy Justin Filla

The Peace and Justice Action League is looking for individuals who would like to join our Media Action Team. This Media Action Team will consist of authors who would like to write letters to the editor for causes that PJALS focuses on. These letters will be submitted to The Spokesman-Review as well as other area publications. The goal of this action team is to get more progressive voices out in the Spokane community.

Letters to the editors are great in allowing the author to reach a larger audience and create an impression of widespread support for or opposition to an issue. They are also great because most elected officials monitor the letter to the editor sections and the information is usually not addressed elsewhere in a news article.

PJALS is currently looking for authors who are interested in writing letters on the issue of getting cuts to wasteful Pentagon spending, while also demonstrating public opposition to cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

If you are interested in being a part of this Media Action Team and would like to write on this topic or any other topic of interest to you get in contact with Justin Filla at (509)838-7870 or by email at

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The thing that disturbs me the most is the way there are destructive corporate tax breaks (including the offshore bank account tax breaks) but government officials are ignoring our voices and continuing to cut basic needs programs and are planning to make more. Making cuts to basic needs for our vulnerable is so degrading to our country not to mention harmful to those that depend on Medicaid, Medicare and Social security. It is so shameful. I don’t understand why more people are not joining our groups to protest, write letters etc. to voice their opinion and insist on all loopholes being closed before even considering cutting assistance programs or educational funding. We have jobs but then when educational funding is cut a huge obstacle is placed before students who are struggling to pay for college. All I hear about is how we need more jobs over and over again; and right now we don’t support education enough so jobs we have can be filled. It is ridiculous. If we develop new jobs, where will the money come from for the education needed for qualifications when government officials continue to support tax breaks and corporations rather than employment. Education first. We should have ten of thousands of people rallying with signs supporting programs and education and insisting on eliminating tax breaks. Where are they?

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