“I have the values and drive to influence change”

by Josh Neil Thursday, Jun 20, 2013 | 5:17pm | Comment on this

Josh Neilby Joshua Neil

I started the school year off excited to be able to gain knowledge and experience from PJALS.  Now I have a little over a week left of my undergraduate career and I’m wondering where the time went!  My time as an intern at PJALS has been so enriching.  I have learned so much about the issues I’ve worked on, and at the same time I’ve learned more about myself.  The thing I will remember most about my practicum experience is the people.  I have been able to learn so much just by interacting with Liz and Shar as well as the vast experience of our invaluable volunteers and members.

While here at PJALS I have had the incredible opportunity to advocate for our community.  The campaign I am most proud to have worked on was the Washington State Freedom to Marry campaign with Referendum 74.  While phone banking one evening, I was talking with a lady about her thoughts of the referendum and she was unsure how she would vote.  I felt I made an impact on her and her thought processes.  While I will never know how she voted during the election, I am hopeful she is on a path towards acceptance for all peoples.

I am looking forward to the future, I have had the values and drive to influence change instilled in me from working at PJALS.  I will be taking a break from school before returning to pursue my masters of social work.  Right now the future is unknown to me and I am trying to live in the present, but I know I am looking forward to continuing to volunteer with PJALS in the future.  I want to thank everyone I have had the opportunity to work with while being here.  I would especially like to thank Liz, Shar, Suzy and Rebecca Lamb.  You have all had a positive impact on my life.  I will miss coming into the office.

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