“From Spokane With Love” World Premiere to benefit PJALS

by pjals Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013 | 10:22pm | 2 comments

From Spokane With Love

Thursday Oct 17

Magic Lantern Theater, 25 W. Main

7pm reception; 7:30 showing

Come for the reception at 7:00 with finger foods handmade by Shahrokh Nikfar!

“From Spokane With Love” is a heart-warming, entertaining and informative movie about the Friendship Delegation from Spokane who went to Iran to try and bridge the gap of stereotypes and misinformation and bring their two peoples together.

Shahrokh says it is the BEST DOCUMENTARY EVER.

Tickets are $20


or call 838-7870, or purchase at the PJALS office or at the door.

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2 Responses to ““From Spokane With Love” World Premiere to benefit PJALS”

  1. Mark Pond says:

    Hi PJALS —

    My name is Mark Pond and I do the purchasing for the Spokane Public Library’s media collection. If you could let me know if/when “From Spokane With Love” might be available to purchase in DVD format that would be great.

    All the best,

  2. Liz Moore says:

    Hi Mark! I will find out and make sure to tell you! Thanks for your interest! Did you see it at the premiere? I thought it was a great film and I love the idea of having it available in the library system!

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