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by Andrew Lack Friday, Nov 27, 2015 | 1:13pm | Comment on this

Monce Rodriguezby Andrew Lack

Monce is a senior at EWU, doing her social work practicum at PJALS.  Monce is drawn to working within the juvenile justice system.  She also has always felt a close connection to Child Protective Services.

Monce is a graduate of the Toppenish School District in Yakima County.  She originally came to know of PJALS through a friend who had once worked with us as an intern.  She also credits her involvement with M.E.Ch.A. at EWU and participated in a PJALS peacekeeper training with them.

Her current focus with us is with the Young Activist Leaders Program and with the police accountability efforts.  She finds PJALS to be so engaging because of all the many subjects we work with here.  She is so pleased to work with an organization that holds to all of the same values so dear to her and the macro-level approach to concerns.

Monce has already been tremendously active in her work here as demonstrated by a positive attitude and efforts beyond that required as a minimum.  She notes how pleased she is to exchange ideas with the other staff and members on our broad spectrum of issues.


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