Being here has shown me what a community is

by pjals Monday, Dec 5, 2016 | 2:14pm | Comment on this

Being here has shown me what a community ishawa

By Hawa Elias

I joined PJALS as a way to get away from the “Gonzaga bubble”, a way to involve myself in the Spokane community to fully experience the city that I am living in. I am so glad that I chose to intern at PJALS because it ended up being the perfect place for me to do that. Everyone here has welcomed me warmly and continues to support me.

There are many incredible events, workshops, forums and discussions that PJALS is putting on. Every time I come in, I leave learning something new. There is a lot I am still learning – about Spokane, organizing, activism and being in a non-profit. As I am reflecting now, I’m realizing that being here has shown me what a community is and what it means to stand in solidarity with one another. I’m impressed by the amount of people that come out to engage in powerful community discussions and that are willing to dedicate their time for fighting against injustices in their city. Seeing this fills me with hope – this is how we will get past the times we see as “messes”. I think this is something special about Spokane.

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