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No War On Syria

Friday April 7, 4:00-6:00 4pm, at the “V” at Division /Ruby and N. River Drive


Come say no to war! We reject the false choice in #Syria that says “accountability” can only be found at the tip of an American bomb. Our sympathy and justifiable anger for the people of Syria should not push us into rash actions that could have terrible consequences. Support refugees, say no to war!

PJALS Statement and resources here: “8 Steps That Don’t Involve Raining Missiles on Syria”


I understand your opposition to the PresidentbTrumps intervention in Syria. I don’t recall seeing any protests of Obama’s many unconstitutional and not congressionally authorized interventions, or his remote control capital punishment of American citizens who had never been tried and convicted. Maybe you did protest and I missed it???

I saw the News report on the Spokane Protest of Syria and found this website. I was saddened to see that nobody on this Website has mentioned the Devastation of Libya, one of the most prosperous and thriving Sovereign nations in Africa before it was destroyed under Obama/Clinton. Clinton was Secretary of State at the time.
In 2016, Obama dropped 35,000 bombs around the world, mostly in the Middle East and North Africa.
OBAMA has more blood on his hands than Trump. Given time, maybe Trump will surpass Obama.

PLEASE STOP blaming one political party. I have been involved in the ANTI-WAR AND TRUTH movement for 16 years.
My research over the years, has shown that BOTH PARTIES, Democrat and Republican, are up to their eyeballs in War, Invasion, and Crimes.

There should not be any “refugees”, and these people don’t want to be moved off their ancestral lands….they want the USA to stop destroying their nation.

You would be better serving these “refugees” by Protesting and Exposing Warmongers like John McCain and Hillary Clinton, who have been supporting the complete invasion of Syria for years.

It’s very upsetting to face the truth when it exposes some of the people you have been supporting. But none of this will stop until people drop the party lines.

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