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Highlights from our 9th Annual Peace and Justice Action Conference

Our Annual Peace & Justice Action Conference continues to be my favorite event each year. Each year it gets a little bit better. This year was exceptionally moving for me. Nearly 200 of you joined us on a snowy Saturday to build relationships, increase our analysis, and take action together as we Build Beyond the Moment.

If you missed Eric K. Ward’s keynote address or just want to see it again, you can do so here:

Many thanks to our workshop presenters, volunteer team, and sponsors. Without you, this event would not be possible.

Check out our fantastic sponsors here.

Additional thanks to our powerful performers: The Raging Grannies, Power 2 the Poetry, Bodhi Bill Miller,  and Fitz Fitzpatrick.  And much appreciation to those who braved the snowy Friday evening to help us celebrate at our Opening Reception. Here are a few of the wonderful photos that Gen Heywood Photography captured during the event.



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A small-authorities tradition warrior in Arizona could be situated on the far-right end of
the spectrum; a professional-alternative Chamber of Commerce
sort in Massachusetts might place himself on the other end.
And throughout the country, there were tens of millions of people—from officeholders to atypical Republican voters—who identified somewhere between those two poles.

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