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Be Water: How Ordinary Hong Kong People Became Creative Organizers and What We Can Learn From Them

Wednesday, November 6th 6-7:30 pm at The Monroe Room, 2003 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA

A Presentation by Pui-Yan Lam

The creative, flexible and fast-changing strategies used by Hong Kong people received a lot of attention in the media coverage of the recent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. In this talk, Pui-Yan Lam will discuss how the “leaderless,” decentralized nature of the movement has drawn out the talents and skills of individuals from a wide spectrum of Hong Kong society. She will highlight a few examples of the innovations that perform key tasks in the movement. In addition, she will talk about how previous social movements helped cultivate a culture of self-mobilization and crowd sourcing in Hong Kong. Finally, she will discuss the emerging tactical challenges and complex questions that a “leaderless” movement poses especially with the escalation of conflicts and violence.

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Could you post video and or a transcript of this as a resource for the world? The methods of the HK movement are a leading edge model of action in environments of state terror and control, with life and liberty in the balance, and as such can be useful to many of us in similar struggles globally.

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