PJALS Community Agreements:

Our shared expectations of how we communicate and work together

Approved by PJALS Steering Committee in December 2015

  • Respectful communication: We all make safe & welcoming space for us all, so that we can take action together on our shared goals.
  • No oppressive statements. If oppressive behaviors or statements are made, use Oops/Ouch to name, address, own, and learn.
  • Share the air.
  • Support each other.
  • Be curious. Challenge assumptions. Work from “sound and current data.”
  • Share yourexperience & perspective. Learn from differences.
  • Be aware of our choices. Let’s choose consciously, not reactively.
  • Learning and Improving: We evaluate together so we can learn from our experiences.
  • Focus together: Limit distractions in meetings or workshops. One conversation (not sidebars) in meetings or workshops.
  • Contracting and re-contracting: Make clear agreements about who’ll do what by when, who has what roles, and what relationship behaviors we’ll use to work together well. If you can’t do what you committed to, tell the group and we’ll make a new plan.


Diversity Commitment:

The Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane is committed to honoring the unique and dignified experience of every human being. To this end, PJALS invites input from a wide variety of community groups and individuals, seeking to integrate our experiences, honor our diversity and thereby strengthen the emerging diversity of our community.

We want participation and representation from families, low wage workers, faith communities, unions, and identity-based civic and advocacy organizations. We acknowledge the differences of community members with regard to race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, physical ability, socioeconomic and cultural background, educational levels, marital status, and family circumstance.

We seek to foster mutual understanding and support through alliances with other groups affected by oppression in order to direct grassroots efforts toward increased justice.