Palestine & Israel

Palestine and Israel

The United States sends $3 billion each year to Israel in the form of military aid, with equal commitments for the next decade, making Israel the number 1 recipient of US military aid. With our funding, Israel is enforcing its illegal military occupation of the West Bank, continuing its blockade of Gaza, and maintaining its systematic discrimination and human rights violations of Palestinians living in Israel and the occupied territories. Anger at the systematic violations of Palestinian human rights is an engine of escalated conflict around the world. As an organization based on principles of active nonviolence, PJALS opposes all US military spending, all acts of violence and all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

We urge the US government to condemn these abuses, end military aid, and exert pressure on Israel to remove Israeli settlers from all occupied territory, return confiscated land or pay compensation, end the occupation, allow Palestinian self-determination in the formation of a state of their choice, and give full and equal political, civil, social, and economic rights to all Palestinians living within Israel. With these same aims, we support the 2005 call by Palestinian civil society to apply nonviolent boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel until it upholds international law.

Our Palestine and Israel Human Rights (PIHRC) committee is now defunct.

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