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PJALS Priorities for Action 2014-2015

by Deb Vangeison Svoboda Friday, Aug 29, 2014 | 12:12pm | Comment on this
Deb Svoboda

PJALS Steering Committee Chair Deb Vangeisen Svoboda

As a collective of activists, PJALS staff, steering committee members, and committee chairs addressed the difficult task of prioritizing efforts when there are seemingly endless injustices being carried out through direct acts and perpetuated through acquiescence and silence.  Prioritizing our work aids us in focusing our “hands, heart, and head” efforts for a period of time for the best possible outcomes, leaving room for rapid response to an ever changing landscape.

As the Steering Committee Chairperson, I’m excited to share with you the three PJALS Priorities for Action 2014-2015. With your support through membership, volunteering, showing up, and lending your voice, PJALS can continue the movement for peace and justice. Read more »

Remembering Al Mangan

by Louise Chadez Friday, Jun 21, 2013 | 10:10am | One comment.

Al Mangan protests at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Spokane. His sign reads, “Support Our Troops. Impeach Bush.” (Inland Register photo, May 20, 2004 edition )

by Louise Chadez

Aloysius Anthony Mangan, Jr. died on Holy Saturday, March 30th at the age of 92.  He had been living in California with son Barry and his family.

I first met Al Mangan in 1984 at a rally against the white trains at Fairchild, there with my then 2 month old daughter.  Al had moved to Ford, WA, but later moved to a small house on Dean in the West Central neighborhood.   His house was full of books and he was always reading.   And he could recite passages from Tennyson, Burns, and Poe.

Al was both a mentor and a friend. He was active in PJALS, involved in bringing a Pax Christi group to Spokane, and always involved in the local protests.  Read more »

In Memoriam… Al Mangan

by pjals Friday, Jun 21, 2013 | 10:10am | Comment on this

by Rusty and Nancy Nelson

In the development of PJALS, the contributions of Al Mangan are unlikely to be matched. We who treasure his friendship and example are saddened by his death and inspired to be more proactive in the promotion of justice.

Remembering Al, we are first tempted to try to list the times he was arrested for disturbing the war or following the demands of the Nuremberg Principles, the times we were arrested with him, and his example of knowing and upholding the law in spite of distortions and evasions by the courts. His rap sheet, impressive as it was, shows little of his depth. His courage and convictions were bolstered by his faith and a relentless self-education. Read more »

Spring Soiree and Benefit Auction Highlights

by pjals Thursday, Jun 28, 2012 | 2:14pm | Comment on this

Because of the efforts and support of people like you, we had a fantastic time at our Spring Soiree and Benefit Auction, and it was our best fundraising event ever. Deep thanks to all our fantastic volunteers and generous donors! Check out a few highlight pics! Read more »

Hello PJALS!

by Shar Lichty Friday, Oct 21, 2011 | 3:15pm | Comment on this

By Shar Lichty, Organizer

Although many of you already know me from my time with PJALS over the past two years, first as a BASW practicum student and then as a VISTA Volunteer, I wanted to say hello as I begin the new leg of my journey with PJALS as an Organizer. I moved to E. Washington 16 years ago from So. California. At times I wonder what I am doing in such a conservative area. My involvement with PJALS provides the hope I need to stay here near my children, grandchildren and friends and doing the work I love.

I first learned about PJALS during my time at SCC as president of the Student Awareness League which was formed and inspired by the work of PJALS. During that time, I met Rusty and Nancy as we co-hosted Sister Helen Prejean and attended my first anti-war rally at Franklin Park.  This was the beginning of my work for social justice and human rights on a professional level. Read more »