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My Recipe for Peace

by Liz Moore Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012 | 10:22pm | Comment on this

Liz Moore

Written for One Peace Many Path’s “Recipes for Peace” event Sept 19, 2012. Read more recipes here, and come to our Sunday Nov 11 Membership Meeting to concoct and share your own recipe for peace and justice!

My recipe for peace calls for:

  • bread for all …because “Peace begins when the hungry are fed.” — Gene White
  • land for all and homes for all; clean air and clean water for all
  • recognition of the inherent worth and dignity of every human person and the interconnected web of life, of which we are all a part
  • compassion and action, solidarity and unity
  • appreciation of difference
  • the freedom to love whom we love, the freedom to marry if we choose
  • the freedom to organize and the right to self-determination
  • accountability to those directly affected Read more »

“Recipe for Peace” from Baldev Singh

by Baldev Singh Friday, Oct 5, 2012 | 11:11am | Comment on this

Does Peace have any practical significance?

Will it feed my family?

Today, many believe that world peace is for dreamers. Talk on peace is for them just talking in the wilderness.

People of Faith know that peace is possible. And it is possible in our life time.

One step at a time.

One conversation at a time.

One heart touching another heart.

Peace, be it internal or in the world is more than a state of inner calmness or tranquility. It is a place where freedom in all its colors soars, where our actions bring no stress,strain or fear to anyone. Read more »

“Recipes for Peace” from Kari Chapman

by Kari Chapman Friday, Oct 5, 2012 | 11:11am | Comment on this

YouthREACH Recipe for Peace: A collaborative effort of Spokane street youth and service providers


In a large bowl made of patience and understanding, combine the necessary feelings:

  • Security/safety/trust
  • Warmth/fullness
  • Love/belonging
  • Hope/happiness
  • Gratitude

Using a spoon made of kindness, slowly stir in the necessary personality traits: Read more »

“Recipe for Peace” from David McClure

by David McClure Friday, Oct 5, 2012 | 11:11am | Comment on this

Each Sunday here at Unity Church at the end of our service we join hands and sing LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME.  In these words, there is a lasting recipe for peace.  What the song is saying is that peace always begins internally.  Peace is always an inside job.

It is easy to understand the angst, despair, fear, and anger that circumstances in this world can trigger.  The challenge, in these times, as in all times, is to cultivate and strive to maintain that internal peace, a zone of safety and serenity throughout notwithstanding the external happenings.

My recipe for peace begins with reminding myself  that although it appears we have many, many complex problems in the world, that actually there is but one problem in the world.  And next ingredient is to remind myself that this one problem has already been solved.  Read more »