The Young Activist Leaders Program (YALP) is planning for an exciting session starting in the fall. For the first time in two years, YALP will be starting in person! We are ecstatic to be back together making connections and change in our community. We have big, new, and exciting plans for this session.

The organizing curriculum that PJALS feels is the most important basics will still be integrated into the program like past years. We are planning to partner with organizations locally and statewide on issues like preventing gun violence, engaging young people in local politics, and more.

The idea is to connect youth with people working on the issues they care about while building the skills they need to make change productively and successfully. Building these skills includes learning from their peers with differing experiences, gaining hands on organizing experience, and building connections in the greater Spokane community.

To make this program successful, we want as many young people to join us as possible.

Young people (12-25): YOU’RE INVITED!

Sign up for the fall session below and watch your email for more updates as they come. In the meantime, come meet us at the PJALS picnic!