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Liz Moore
Liz is the director of the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane, where she began her activism in PJALS' youth group as a Deer Park high school student after looking up “peace” in the phone book. She worked as an organizer and educator in unions and community groups on issues including marriage equality, racial justice, and worker rights before returning to the organization that helped shape and define her work as a young activist. She is passionate about grassroots leadership development and supporting youth as leaders. In all that she does, Liz holds fast to the belief that everyday people have the power to build a just and nonviolent world.
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Shar Lichty
Shar is an organizer at the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane. She received her BASW with a minor in Africana Education from EWU in June 2010. Following an internship and a year as an AmeriCorps/VISTA volunteer with PJALS, Shar joined the PJALS staff in 2012. Shar was first introduced to PJALS in 2006 when the human rights club at SCC that she was involved with co-sponsored a death penalty awareness event with PJALS. That event directly led to Shar's commitment to work on social justice issues.
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Farand Gunnels
Development Coordinator
Farand joined the Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) family in March 2017. He was born in Crow Agency, MT, grew up in Billings, MT, and is a Two Spirit member of the Apsaalooke “Crow” Nation. In 1993, Farand moved to Spokane where he served as a steering committee member for Spokane Pride (currently OUTSpokane) and Hands Off Washington, created to defeat initiatives 608 and 610. In 1996, Farand met his wonderful and amazing husband, David, while singing in The Men’s Chorus. Two years later, they had a commitment ceremony and, after being together for 17 years, were finally able to legally marry. Farand volunteered on Pride Foundation’s local steering committee and, in 2002, was hired and eventually became Regional Development Organizer for Washington. After 14 years at Pride Foundation, he left to explore new opportunities and found PJALS. Farand is passionate about philanthropy, LGBTQ and racial equity, and social, gender, and economic justice. He has worked on issues that include marriage equality, transgender inclusion, and LGBTQ youth and elder safety and protections, and has volunteered with the Montana Two Spirit Society and Greater Spokane Progress. Farand enjoys spending time with his husband, two cats and two dogs, trying new restaurants and cuisine’s, beekeeping, baking, wine, and singing karaoke.
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Megan Juneau
Megan is a PJALS intern and currently a student at Eastern Washington University. She is in her second year of the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Program. Megan is very interested in issues regarding criminal justice reform and death penalty repeal. Her dream job would be to work for the Innocence Project: a non-profit legal organization that works to exonerate wrongly convicted people and reform the criminal justice system. While at PJALS, she will be working closely with Smart Justice Spokane and PJALS’ Young Activist Leaders Program.
Caty Youso
Caty is an intern at PJALS and currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. She is on track to graduate from Eastern Washington University in Spring 2018. Caty lived in Libby, Montana for 22 years and relocated back to Spokane in 2010. She is very family-oriented with 2 daughters, 9 grandchildren, 2 great granddaughters, and 1 great grandchild in the making. Caty is passionate about issues around Black Lives Matter, Immigration Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, and Anti-War work. She is excited to be at PJALS as she supports PJALS’ work and has similar viewpoints on these important issues. While here, she will be focusing on peace and militarism work with the Peace and Justice Action Committee.

Steering Committee

Taylor Weech
Taylor is a Spokane-born radio host, writer, and organizer. Since 2012, she has hosted a weekly talk radio show on KYRS-FM that explores social change theory through interviews with activists, artists, scholars, and leaders called Praxis. She co-founded the Love & Outrage collective which merges the worlds of art and activism in Spokane and publishes a quarterly zine of the same name. Her main activism home is with the Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS), where she serves as vice-chair of the Steering Committee and coordinates anti-racist education and action through PJALS partnership with SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice).
Ray Thorne
Vice Chair
Ray is a retired U.S. Army Signal Corps officer who has lived all over the world. Ray moved to Spokane in 2012 and has a wife Elaine, a daughter Michelle who lives in Berlin and a son Kevin who lives in Philadelphia. Ray is active in Veterans For Peace and has been a member of PJALS for 4 years with a focus on anti-militarism.
Ami Manning
Ami lives in Spokane with her two sons, Holden and Indiana and her partner Ken. She has been the Program Director of Transitions Miryam’s House since July 2014. Ms. Manning holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and has worked and volunteered in homeless and housing services for the last 18 years. Prior to Transitions, she worked for St. Vincent de Paul of North Idaho for 11 years; most recently directing the Transitional Housing Programs. She has also volunteered for social, gender and economic justice. She has a deep commitment to communities of inclusion.
Dom Felix
Dom is a member of PJALS steering Committee and a Re-Entry Specialist for Revive Re-Entry Services. He struggled with addiction for 25 years and has a 25 year criminal history to match. After realizing how difficult it is to reenter society after prison Dom has worked to help others achieve this goal, mentoring at The Fulcrum Institute and volunteering with I Did the Time. While completing his Social Work degree at EWU, he did his practicum at PJALS and worked for police accountability, death penalty abolition, and with the Young Activist Leaders Program.
Fitz Fitzpatrick
Fitz is a performance poet based out of Spokane Washington where their mission is to fall in love with strangers through the written and spoken word. They were a member of the 2015 and 2016 Spokane National Poetry Slam teams and are representing Spokane in the 2016 Individual World Poetry Slam. Other than hosting they have been featured as a poet in the Spokane LGBT Pride and numerous social justice events. In their “spare time” they run a weekly poetry open mic called “Broken Mic”, roll around on sidewalks with local cats and practice changing the world through compassion and actually laughing out loud. Fitz has been involved with PJALS for around five years and is especially passionate about empowering youth, lgbt rights and using art for activism.
Celia Friedman
Celia started volunteering at PJALS shortly after moving to Spokane from Baltimore two years ago. She learned and graduated from the Young Activist Leadership Program. She enjoys engaging with the community through social justice, activism and leadership. She put her B.F.A. in interior design to work and started Celia Friedman Interior Design. Learn more about Celia at
Alyssa McKay
Alyssa is a Spokane native who has been involved in activism since 2009 and a member of PJALS since 2011 when she was an organizing intern. Her personal passions include domestic violence work, death penalty abolition, and issues surrounding economic and racial injustice. As a person of faith, she believes it's not only her calling, but her responsibility to advocate for vulnerable and marginalized populations, and to be a voice for the powerless. Alyssa graduated with her B.S.W. from Eastern Washington University in 2012.
George Critchlow
Legal Advisor
George is a professor at Gonzaga Law School and one of the founders of the Gonzaga Institute for Action Against Hate (now known as the Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies), which focuses on the interdisciplinary study of why people hate, and develops strategies for combating hate. He has been involved off and on with PJALS since the mid-1980s when he worked on anti-war (Nicaragua) and anti-nuclear (white train) issues.
Audrey Burr
After 42 years as a clinical social worker, Audrey retired in September 2016. Just in time to witness the great catastrophe of Donald Trump's election to the presidency. Feeling a tremendous need to prevent the collapse of the safety net that helped her clients throughout all those years, she looked for a home base for her activism. She was a member of PJALS for many years in the 80's and 90's but drifted away. Now was the time to return! Audrey's roots in activism go back to the anti-war years and the women's movement. She worked throughout her professional career as an advocate for her clients and an activist for a change in the various systems in which she worked. She has worked with PJALS planning and carrying out various actions related to the federal budget, militarism, and the anti-torture activities this fall.
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