Learning is the first step toward action for peace and justice.

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Workshops & Education

Annual Peace and Justice Action Conference

Our annual Peace and Justice Action Conference offers more than 20 workshops and speakers – it’s Education for Action!

2021 registration included access to the following workshops, panels, and speakers:

  • Keynote Speaker: Ian Haney López
  • Intergenerational Panel
  • Building Internationalism Across Our Movements
  • Fighting Antisemitism through Solidarity: A Justice-Based Approach
  • Challenging Racism in U.S. Foreign Policy Through Grassroots Advocacy
  • The Struggle Over Critical Race Theory: What’s at Stake?
  • Redistricting and the Attack on Democracy
  • Race-Class Praxis
  • Engaging Youth for Grassroots Organizing: Strategies, Struggles, and Successes

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Recurring Workshops

Check back here or on our Events page for upcoming workshops.

Why Race Matters Workshops

Why Race Matters: History, Systems, and Strategies workshops are offered by PJALS staff as members of the Racial Equity Trainers Cohort coordinated by Greater Spokane Progress. Visit Greater Spokane Progress to find out more about these co-hosted workshops.

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Grass-Roots Organizing Workshops

Grass-Roots Organizing Workshops (GROW), offered throughout the year, are opportunities for everyday people to reflect on our experiences, deepen our analysis, learn new skills and information, and prepare to organize for peace and justice through practice and planning!

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All our work for justice and peace is founded in the principles and practice of active nonviolence. PJALS helps train and staff events with peacekeepers who are skilled in nonviolent de-escalation techniques. We host training events for those interested in acquiring these skills.

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Past Workshops

Approaches to Change & Power Mapping Workshop

Youth organizers Ivy and Sarah present on different ways to make change on local and national levels. They also cover how to make change by working the way up institutions or individuals who have power.

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Countering White Nationalism

Preventing Online Recruitment of Youth

With so many young people on the internet as schools are using online learning, there is more likely exposure to white nationalist recruitment content. This webinar comes with recording, slides, and resource sheet to help safeguard our youth.

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We Keep Us Safe with Organizer/Attorney/Author Zach Norris

Zach discusses his newly released book, We Keep Us Safe: Building Secure, Just, and Inclusive Communities, laying out a new vision of a care-based strategy for public safety that overturns more than 200 years of fear-based discrimination, othering, and punishment.

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Organizing Workshop

The organizing workshop will cover the basics of grassroots organizing. Specific organizing tactics, key steps to mobilization, and the anatomy of a successful campaign are included in the workshop recordings and slides.

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Anti-Asian Racism

Bystander Intervention Training

Sign up for the recordings and slides from this important workshop on how to speak up against anti-Asian racism in person or online.

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Partners & Resources