PJALS organizes for peace, economic justice, and human rights. Click below to learn more about our work.


Our Priorities for 2017

1.  Resist and Rise for Peace and Human Rights:

  • Reject war, torture, militarism, imperialism, white supremacy, and targeting of immigrants, refugees, non-Christians, LGBTQ people, and people of color.
  • Enlarge and mobilize our base and build collective power with targeted communities.
  • Campaigns include consciousness-raising about militarism, rapid response mobilizing against war, Truth in Recruitment outreach, LGBTQ safety and liberation, and defeating the anti-immigrant initiative in November!

2.     A Just Society: Advance Smart Justice and Police Accountability to end mass incarceration, police violence, and racial disparities and in our Spokane County regional criminal justice system.

3.     Ending the Death Penalty in Washington as our top legislative priority.

Exposing & transforming systems of violence & oppression to create beloved community.