Peace & Opposing Militarism

Peace and Opposing Militarism

PJALS members have led our region’s opposition to US militarism and imperialism for 40 years! We stand together in spring rain, summer heat and smoke, and gather to tell the truth about the need to grow beyond militarism and end our endless wars, connecting the dots between out of control military spending and cuts to lifeline programs for struggling families.

We believe that all human, financial, and community costs of war are unacceptable.  As an organization dedicated to building a just and nonviolent world, PJALS  opposes the billions our country spends on war and militarism and its devastating impact on our national and local economies, including cuts to education, health care, and basic human services. The twin “sacred cows” of tax loopholes for corporations and the super-wealthy at the state and national levels and our country’s bloated military budget have structurally reduced resources for the needs of low-income families. We believe in inclusive democracy and economic justice with a just tax system and equal access to quality education, health care and services for families and communities. For all families to prosper, our country must turn away from out-of-control militarism and military spending as well as runaway corporate power and profiteering to create a balance of power between corporations and working families, inclusive democracy, vibrant and resilient communities with safety nets, and an organizing ethic which rejects exploitation and violence in any form.

To shift our federal spending of shared resources from war and militarism to education, healthcare, jobs, and lifeline programs  for struggling families and communities, our efforts include workshops on nonviolence, nonviolent de-escalation trainings, rallies, legislative action, truth in recruitment outreach, and militarism awareness with other organizations including the local chapter of Veterans For Peace.


Our Peace & Justice Action Committee meets the 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month at 5:30 pm in the Community Building, 35 W. Main.

Spokane Veterans For Peace meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:45pm in the Community Building, 35 w. Main.

Our Palestine-Israel Human Rights Committee is currently on hiatus.

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