Police Accountability

Police Accountability

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PJALS is a founding member of the Spokane Police Accountability and Reform Coalition (SPARC).

The Spokane Police Accountability and Reform Coalition (SPARC) works vigorously to ensure that everyone in our community is treated with dignity, respect, and due process by law enforcement officers and agencies in the Greater Spokane area regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, income level, mental health status, disabling condition, citizenship status, or any other identity.

SPARC meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm, at 35 W. Main. To join our coalition email list, please contact Shar Lichty at slichty@pjals.org. You can also connect with us on Facebook!

Points of Unity

We Support:

– Independent civilian oversight of law enforcement
– Independent & timely investigations of and public reporting on law enforcement conduct and policy
– Law enforcement accountability and transparency
– Full implementation of the Crisis Intervention Team model
– De-escalation practices
– De-militarization of law enforcement
– Full implementation of community-oriented policing

We Oppose:

– Excessive use of force
– Racially-biased policing and racial disparities in contacts, uses of force, arrests, and other interactions with the criminal justice system
– Criminalization of people with mental illness and people living in poverty
– Culture of violence, denial, and cover-up


Guiding Principles

SPARC supports a collaborative work ethic among coalition members that builds trust, diversity, inclusiveness, and which optimizes coalition strategies. We are open to all who support our aims. We are non-partisan and will not endorse political candidates.

Decision-Making and Membership

– Core Groups endorse the SPARC Mission, Points of Unity, and Guiding Principles and agree to regularly participate in monthly General Coalition meetings, Steering Committee meetings and other work.
– SPARC operates by consensus of the Core Groups in monthly General Coalition meetings. Participation of supportive groups and individuals is also welcome and appreciated.
– SPARC Steering Committee members include representatives of Core Groups and committed individuals. Steering Committee is authorized to carry out decisions made by consensus in monthly General Coalition meetings.

– Endorsing Groups endorse the SPARC Mission and Points of Unity and are therefor members of our coalition.

Communicating with Public Officials:

– The coalition will designate representatives to speak on behalf of SPARC to public officials with report-backs to the coalition.
– Coalition partners agree that we will not speak for SPARC in off-the-record or confidential communications with public officials.
– Coalition partners agree that we will not speak for the coalition regarding matters which the coalition has not considered and determined a position.
– Coalition partners are aware that our mere presence in non-transparent policy discussions can undermine the coalition’s interest in transparency, collaboration, and sound public process.
– This commitment may mean taking the time to be more inclusive despite a sense of urgency to move quickly. The health, shared trust, and strength of the coalition is most important, so that we can continue to work together toward our shared goals.



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