Smart Justice

Smart Justice

PJALS is a founding member of Smart Justice Spokane.

Smart Justice Spokane is a broad, diverse coalition of more than 30 organizations, community members, and criminal justice professionals whom have come together to reform our racially biased, expensive, ineffective, and unfair criminal justice system.

We are working together to implement comprehensive, cost-effective, and research-based smart justice reforms in the Spokane criminal justice system by conducting research, educating, mobilizing impacted voices, advocating and collaborating for a just, strong, and healthy community, which fosters racial equity and opportunities for recovery and integration.

Smart Justice Spokane Coalition Goals for 2016-2017

Jobs:  Reduce barriers to living wage jobs for people with arrest and conviction records by passing “Ban the Box”-type legislation, and establish job training and placement programs as a component of diversion and alternatives to incarceration.

Treatment: As part of regional criminal justice reform, establish a clear plan with funding sources for culturally appropriate mental health and drug/alcohol treatment.

Non-Arrest Solutions: Establish diversion program that provides pre-arrest pathways to treatment, housing, jobs, and other services that meet basic needs.

Non-Jail Solutions: Reduce the number of people in jail for nonviolent offenses; fully implement risk/need assessment and early case resolution; expand Electronic Home Monitoring and problem solving courts.

Re-Structure the System: Win approval for a re-designed, regional, smart justice system that is committed to achieving racial equity, and responsible to community needs, and there is an initiative for community engagement.

Racial Equity:  An action plan is developed to achieve racial equity throughout the criminal justice system with the goal of eliminating the disproportionate impact of our criminal justice system on people of color. A racial equity toolkit is adopted and used to achieve racial equity throughout each department, and culturally appropriate programs and support services for offenders are developed and funded. 

Community Engagement: Coalition partners and community members, especially those directly impacted by the system (people of color; people with disabilities; people with mental illness and addictions; ex-offenders; and/or family members; and victims) are actively engaged and in leadership roles in Smart Justice Spokane, and are represented in the SRLJC.

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The Smart Justice Spokane campaign coalition: 

ACLU/Washington · All Saints Lutheran Church · Center for Justice · Chihak & Associates – Disability Attorneys · Community Building Foundation · Community-Minded Enterprises · CORD (Coalition of Responsible Disabled) · Friends of Compassion   Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic · Greater Spokane Progress / Win/Win Network · I Did the Time. · KYRS/Thin Air Community Radio · League of Women Voters Spokane Area · NAMI Spokane – National Alliance on Mental Illness · Neighborhood Alliance of Spokane · Northwest Fair Housing Alliance · November Coalition · Odyssey World International Education Services · Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane · SEIU Heathcare 775 NW · Spokane Branch Unit 1137 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People · Spokane Humanist Focus · Spokane Tribe of Indians · Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane · University Legal Assistance, Gonzaga Law School · Washington Community Action Network · Washington Education Association, Eastern Washington · Washington Normal · Washington State Council of City & County Employees – Local 270 AFSCME

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