Everyone should be treated equally and with respect. Proposition 1 wipes away city laws that prevent biased policing and racial profiling that is counterproductive to effective law enforcement, and it doesn’t just stop with the police. It would allow all city employees, including those working at parks, in parking enforcement, or taking utility payments, to stop and question the citizenship status of people based on their skin color or accent. Proposition 1 invites rampant racial profiling and harassment against Latinos, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, and others presumed to be “foreign” based on how they look or sound! Singling out individuals based solely on their perceived citizenship status is counter to our community values.

  1. Talking to strangers about racism and politics in order to take action together is THE MOST CONCRETELY USEFUL THING WE CAN BE DOING. This is how we can increase the number of people taking meaningful action AND build a skilled, confident, and BIG volunteer team that will give us momentum and power for the next campaign.
  2. We can give volunteers concrete actions to take: go knock on this door, talk with these folks, share this information with them, ask them to commit to voting no.
  3. We can give voters a concrete action to take: Vote No on Prop 1.
  4. Racism and white supremacy are BIG. We need concrete, meaningful, collective actions so we can make an impact together.
  5. Together, our Spokane community can REFUSE
  6. Policy matters. By voting NO on Prop 1, we can concretely win a policy fight and refuse to allow harassment & profiling of people of color.
  7. It’s actually really enjoyable and satisfying to talk with voters. As a volunteer told me, “This feels really good!”
  8. It’s not about arguing with the opposition. We’re talking with people who are registered to vote, who are likely to turn out to vote, who care about racism, and who want to make informed decisions.
  9. Talking with voters WORKS! With 18 volunteers, we gave info to almost 400 households and had over 100 conversations. Only one voter had heard about the initiative – but after volunteers talked with them, a supermajority of voters told us they will vote no on Prop 1!
  10. You can do it! We’ll brief you on the issue and how to explain it quickly to voters, we’ll show you how to use an easy app to record results, and you’ll head out with a partner. You can do it!

Next canvass: Saturday August 26, 9:30 – 2:00 – Gather for short training at the Community Building, 35 W. Main, then head out with a partner! RSVP at this link!