sharBy Shar Lichty, Organizer

As part of our work as a member of Smart Justice Spokane, we have been working to create and pass a Fair Chance Hiring ordinance at the city level that would implement “Ban the Box” for most private employers within the city limits.

During the past few months we have been meeting with Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI) to develop an ordinance that works for those who have arrest and conviction records and for businesses in our communities. We believe we have that ordinance now and we had a very encouraging meeting with leaders from GSI last month. They will be discussing it at their September Policy Committee meeting.

We have also been reaching out to other local businesses and asking for them to sign-on in support of Fair Hiring. We have a good start but would like to increase our numbers before presenting to the City Council. We are close to winning on this issue but need your help to get us there.

Do you own a business or know of a business in Spokane that supports Fair Hiring? If so, please visit and/or refer them to or contact Shar at [email protected]. to sign-on to our statement of support.