By Louise Chadez, PJALS Steering Committee member

This is one mantra of the season upon us, the season of giving. And with Thanksgiving just behind us, let us give thanks for all we have, and for what we might give back to our community, and PJALS.

I am honored to have been appointed to the PJALS steering committee earlier this year. Since then, I have had an eye opening experience as to ALL that PJALS is involved with in the community. I have been a member, “on the peripheries” of PJALS since first moving to Spokane in 1981. At that time, it was located near St. Patrick’s Parish in Hillyard. My first protest with PJALS was with my good friend and mentor Al Mangan in 1984 to protest the WHITE TRAINS. (and now it’s coal trains, so some things change very little). It was also the first protest for my then 2 month old daughter (now 30!!)

A year ago, Liz asked me to consider joining the Steering Committee. In doing so, I have come to realize ALL that PJALS does in the community. Look on the calendar, and we have numerous events scheduled each week. AND YOU CAN HELP. Go to our website and see all the great things we are doing. But, we need YOUR involvement as an active member of PJALS in order for our events to be successful.

I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions, but I do believe in making a commitment to DO MORE of those things of which I am passionate each year. Will you join me in 2015, the kick-off of our 40th year, to joining a committee at PJALS? Will you consider making a greater commitment of both time and money to PJALS, to insure that our great work continues. And my hope is that we truly BRING PEACE ON EARTH.

Louise Chadez has been a social worker and community activist throughout her career. She is passionate about peace, social justice and making a better world for our most vulnerable people. Her mantra? from Pope Paul VI, “If you want PEACE, Work for JUSTICE.”