Can you believe it?! We’ve gone through another year with an administration who has spread hatred, anger, pain, trauma, frustration, and war around the world – and throughout our communities. We have heard it in the news, social media and through personal stories. It is more injustice and inhumanity than I have words to describe!

All this negativity, whether directed personally or not, has a ripple effect that influences our society and how we treat each other. How does hearing about injustices happening to people you don’t even know affect you? Does it have an impact on you and those around you?

Movement-building is incredibly urgent, and right now we have an important opportunity: generous and dedicated members are banding together to match all gifts made before midnight December 31, up to $11,700! I know you already appreciate the work that Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) does, so I’m hoping you’ll take advantage of this offer to double the value of your own gift.

With so much negativity, PJALS continues to experience a rise in membership and support. New members and long-time members have shared their stories of feeling isolated, the need to do something, to make an impact somehow, the need to act!

There is so much engagement that needs to happen, and together, with everyday people, we can accomplish extraordinary things. Together we will continue to address systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, and the distorted moral narrative. This won’t happen overnight, nor will it happen instantaneously with a new administration in the White House.

Regardless of who’s in power, we have our work cut out for us. Our PJALS community still needs you, beyond any and all elections! What we’re experiencing didn’t start with Trump and Pence, nor will it end with Trump and Pence. Issues like healthcare, racism, sexism, violence, war, and oppression, will continue, and our PJALS community will stick together, shoulder to shoulder and side by side, advancing our movement of equity, peace, and justice.

The recent state and local elections show us that fear mongering and money have a great impact on all of us, especially on those who are directly targeted by systemic oppression. Homeless people and those who need mental health services are being threatened with a big new jail. And the potential of an increase in white nationalists, locally and nationally, fueled by racist fear-mongering rhetoric is real. But we won’t stop our struggle for justice!

Together we will continue to chant NO NEW JAIL, together we will work with partners to protect immigrants from being treated like animals. Together we will reject white nationalists looking to gain power and terrorize our community and region. Together we will oppose U.S. militarism and imperialism. And together we will continue to educate and address inequities and violence that impact our family, friends, and community.

Over our 44  years, there have been victories and setbacks, yet we remain committed to strong values, dedicated to the work, united in our community of action. We know that regardless of who is in office, there is always work that needs to be done.

Your support and action have created longevity, impact, and strong relationships. Because of this, we have been told Peace and Justice Action League is the most important organization to invest time and money in, to build grassroots justice power in our region. We have seen an increase in funders investing to encourage action and allow voices to be heard. Not to mention, our robust member and volunteer engagement continues to grow and gather strength!

PJALS is resilient and steadfast in our conservative-dominated and highly contested region because of members like you: Everyday people are united to build a just and nonviolent world. Because of people like you, with a commitment to peace, justice, and human rights, who give their time and money to sustain Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane, this vision is a reality.

Let’s rise up strong together and build a culture of love and belonging. You can make a difference today. Will you join hundreds of people across our region in supporting our work together with a year-end donation to PJALS?

Your gift fuels member committees, grassroots organizing, coalition-building, trainings for youth leaders, racial justice education, and so much more! We need your support as we move forward together: our most unwavering source of support is the community, and that means you. 

Will you become a sustaining monthly donor? Whether you give $50 or $5 a month, monthly giving stretches your gift out over the year–and, monthly giving lets us do less asking and more doing!

Or, will you support PJALS with a gift of $60, $100, $250, or whatever level you can afford? Every gift is important and appreciated, at every level!

Thanks to our member-to-member matching challenge, every gift pledged or given before midnight on December 31st will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $11,700! 

Warmly and with great appreciation,

 Liz Moore, Director

p.s. You can read about some of our accomplishments here