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Here is a special message from PJALS Youth Organizer, Sarah Hegde, with exciting YALP updates:

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Here is a special message from PJALS member and BOLD leader, Becca Matthews:

“I participated in the first round of the BOLD academy in Spring of 2022, and one of the biggest takeaways I had was learning how to communicate with my neighbors, my family, and members of my community on the topics of race and class without further isolating them. Especially in the polarized times we live in, it’s hard to know how to even begin these conversations that are crucial to us creating the meaningful change we want to see in Spokane.

Participating in BOLD has renewed my faith in humanity – so many wonderful people have devoted their time, energy, and expertise into this project. Not because of money or power or fame, but because we share a collective goal for our community to be rid of racism and economic inequity/insecurity. It has reminded me that we are not alone, that there are people out there who want to fix the broken systems so that they truly serve everyone – we just have to find each other.

The BOLD program has given me the opportunity to take on new leadership roles; connect with other activists in our community; challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone while still feeling safe and well supported; and engage in a forum where I can actually create change, not just talk about it. I am excited to see the BOLD project continue to thrive, grow, and adapt, amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, demanding a new and just future, and mobilizing people who have been stuck thinking “where do we go from here?”.

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