This year, we are weaving connections and building beloved community by nourishing cross-race, cross-class movements.

As we continue our work this fall to build beloved community expanding on the success of our 14th annual Action Conference to have critical conversations with voters to defeat Measure 1, I wanted to share this video message from our fantastic Community Organizer, Union Carter. To achieve the ideals of Beloved Community we must build and nourish the cross-race, cross-class movement from our current position here and now.

Union was the primary organizer for our wonderful conference this year and is working with the Justice not Jails PAC to defeat the County’s plan to fund a massive expansion of the downtown jail campus. I hope you will take a moment to watch the video and consider an additional gift of any level to help fuel this important work. Member donations help fuel our long-term transformational organizing to build collective power and dismantle structural oppression.

Every gift makes a difference! PJALS is powered by you!

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