Action ConferenceThis has become the largest skill-building, relationship weaving event of its kind in the Inland NW, bringing together 200 progressives from Montana to Seattle and beyond. There are 21 fantastic workshops to chose from! You can still register at, or you can come and register at the door!

Our Keynote Speaker is Kristin Stoneking, Executive Director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR). A vocal advocate for the Occupy/Decolonize movement, Kristin achieved national attention in November 2011 for her role in a situation with violent overtones. Police officers pepper-sprayed activists who had joined a large Occupy Davis protest. Kristin successfully mediated between the parties and, when video footage of the dramatic incident “went viral” via social media, promoted the disciplined, principled use of nonviolent action. Check out this interview with Kristin about her upcoming keynote!

PJALS is an affiliate of FOR and we share a commitment to nonviolence as both an analysis and a strategy for creating a just and nonviolent world. From their statement of purpose: “While it has always been vigorous in its opposition to war, FOR has insisted equally that this effort must be based on a commitment to the achieving of a just and peaceful world community, with full dignity and freedom for every human being.”

Mike Prokosch of the New Priorities Network will be joining us to discuss: “Time to Choose: Well-Being or War? Advancing Beyond the War Economy.”

PJALS is a part of the New Priorities Network, a “national network of groups that seek to fund urgently needed jobs and restore vital public services by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and substantially cutting the core Pentagon budget. Cross-constituency coalitions around the country have already formed to ‘move the money’ from military to local programs and to help our struggling states, cities and communities. Many are led by the people hardest hit in communities of color and low-income communities.”

We are excited to have Mike here in Spokane to discuss next steps in our work toward a less defense dependent economy.

Join us on March 7 and 8 for this great event! For full details and to register please visit