Approve Ref 74By Shar Lichty

The marriage equality law that was passed by the legislation and signed into law by the Governor on Feb. 13, 2012 was set to go into effect on June 7th permitting civil marriage for same-sex couples. Unfortunately, the folks who don’t believe in equal rights for same-sex couples were successful in gathering enough signatures by the June 6th deadline to challenge this law at the ballot in Nov.

The Referendum process is confusing and many folks signed the petitions to put it on the ballot thinking they were supporting marriage equality, they were mislead and misinformed. The opposition is counting on this to also be the case in November as folks are asked to vote on marriage equality in Washington. The game is on, it is time to talk to everyone you know about why marriage equality matters to you. The message is now clear, Vote APPROVE on Referendum 74, to secure marriage equality. To clarify the confusing process as simply as possible, an APPROVE vote means that you APPROVE of the law that was passed by the legislation and signed by the Governor permitting civil marriage for same-sex couples.

I find it unconstitutional that same-sex couples don’t already have this civil right and reason enough to vote APPROVE. In addition, this law will strengthen Washington’s communities and families as all loving, committed couples are able to marry, grow old together and enjoy all the benefits of marriage. The law values freedom and equality, values we want expressed in our community and State. Sign the Pledge to APPROVE Ref 74 now at!

I am on the Steering and Voter Contact committees of the local group, Marriage Equality Spokane. We are working in direct coordination with the state campaign, Washington United for Marriage, to secure marriage equality at the ballot and make history by becoming the first state to do so. We are looking for folks who would like to volunteer locally with one of the sub-committees. Are you one of those folks who would like to be more actively involved in this campaign? Would you like to help at an event, phone bank voters, canvass, host a fundraising event? If yes, than we need you! Please contact me at [email protected] with your volunteer interests and I will plug you in to the right person. Let’s make history together folks…APPROVE!