Money for People, Not for War

Campaign principles:

Our nation’s economic crisis must be addressed by adopting new priorities & bringing billions of war dollars home to create a strong, sustainable economy:

  • End US war, occupations, & military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan & Yemen; reduce the Pentagon budget.
  • Shift spending to job creation, education, healthcare, affordable housing, environmental protection, an effective social safety net, infrastructure, new technologies, defense of Social Security & Medicare from threatened cuts, & other efforts that quicken our economic recovery and support struggling families.

Supported by 17 local faith communities, student organizations, community groups, and businesses—and over 1000 people like you!

Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane; Westminster United Church of Christ; Pax Christi; Veterans For Peace; SCC Student Awareness League; EWU MEChA; Code Pink Spokane; Progressive Democrats of America, Spokane; The LGBT Center; Senior Legislative Coalition of Eastern Washington; Eastern Washington Voters, EWU Scary Feminists; Dempsey’s Brass Rail; Boundary County Peace Group; Sustainable Structures; Yak Research; and Performance Consulting

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