Bobby Kirl is a Master’s level social work student at Eastern Washington University and has chosen to spend his practicum hours with us. Bobby was first introduced to the work of PJALS during a university course on human rights and was later able to become involved when his affiliation with the local Vets for Peace chapter led to an opportunity to play music at our PJALS membership meeting.

From these brief encounters, Bobby felt that the work of PJALS aligned well with his personal and career social justice goals. Since this realization, Bobby has been looking for opportunities within PJALS – wanting to be involved with an organization that addressed the unfair advantage of those with power and privilege. Specifically, Bobby would like to work with PJALS on campaigns focused on income inequality and police accountability.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Auburn University— Montgomery, Bobby brings an understanding of privilege and responsibility as well as his desire to pursue human rights and social justice in the local community. Bobby is a “family guy” who spends most of his free time with his wife and two sons, hiking, bicycling and going to movies.