By Shar Lichty

Reprinted from the March-April Handful of Salt

We officially launched our new Bring Our Billion$ Home campaign at the Unity March on MLK Day with signature collection. Thanks to several dedicated PJALS volunteers we were able to collect over 250 individual endorsements, half of our initial goal of 500 by June 30. Since then we have continued to bring in individual signatures with nearly 400 collected and five organizational endorsements! If you are part of an organization you feel we should approach please let us know.

The Bring Our Billion$ Home campaign is our local effort in connection with the national New Priorities Network consisting of communities across the nation organizing campaigns to shift spending from war and militarism to our communities’ needs. We are asking individuals and organizations to endorse our Declaration of Principles calling for an end to US war, occupations, and military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and a reduction in the Pentagon budget. It also calls for a shift in spending to job creation, education, healthcare, affordable housing, environmental protection, an effective social safety net, infrastructure, new technologies, defense of Social Security & Medicare from threatened cuts, & other efforts that enhance the Common Good of our society.

For information on events in the Spokane area where we need volunteers, please contact Dale at 509-838-7870.