Calling Young Activist Leaders!

By Teresa Kinder, YALPista class of 2015 and PJALS Office Manager

Summer is quickly nearing an end meaning only one thing: it is time for a new Young Activist Leaders Program (YALP) class!

As a YALP graduate from 2015 I sincerely urge everyone to join YALP. YALP was instrumental in giving me the foundational skills of organizing and activism. The connections with other youth cannot be understated. YALP is the only place I can find where young minds can come and work together.

Last year’s cohort was made up of members of the labor movement, the LGBT community, social work students from Eastern Washington University, multi-generational PJALS members, and different racial backgrounds. We all came together showing the importance of intersecting our communities and building inter-community communication. Everyone is accepted for who they are. Every different perspective brings fresh insight and eyes to the struggles we all see. Without the meeting of different communities YALP would not be the same.

Are you or a young progressive you know interested in learning a new skillset to be a stronger activist tomorrow? YALP is looking to help foster and grow your skills at creating the change you want to see in the future. One YALP alumni commented, “Not only did this program give me numerous, explicitly useful tools for my activism, it refueled my spirit every month and encourage me immensely to stay involved and active. I was treated like my work really mattered.”

PJALS recognizes the importance of youth in getting our goals achieved. Perhaps some of your friends, children, or grandchildren need a little push to become an active participant in activism. Multi-generational PJALS members are a strong force to be reckoned with!

Disenfranchised youth gather to explore today’s oppression of their perspectives and their peers. Where else can you find a young group of passionate individuals who will be advancing social change decades into the future together?

Trung Nguyen said, “YALP gives the younger generation the chance to truly make a difference in the community. YALP proves that young people want to do more than sit around. We want to make a lasting positive effect.” Last year we learned how to run effective meetings, fundraise, gain media attention, public speaking, effective ways to mobilize our communities, and most importantly the significance of self-care.

Have your thoughts and feelings heard, join YALP now!