We Demand a Ceasefire

We express deep concern and sorrow regarding the recent bombing of Iraq by the United States military in response to an attack at a United States Military outpost in Jordan that resulted in the death of three American soldiers. The U.S. targeted facilities and weapons used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria in the deadly attack.1 Will you join us today in emailing and calling our congress members to denounce the bombing in Iraq and continue to demand a ceasefire? 

As advocates for peace, it is crucial that we engage in open dialogue and raise awareness about the human cost and implications of such retaliatory actions. The bombing has undoubtedly exacerbated an already volatile situation in the Middle East, considering Israel’s over 100 days of bombing Palestine, leading to immense suffering and death for thousands of civilians. The recent attacks in Iraq and Yemen 2 are intricately connected to the prevailing violence in Gaza; these strikes have been in retaliation for groups attacking U.S troops in order to drive them out of the region because of the explicit contributions the United States has made to support Israel and fan the flames of violence. The straightforward truth is that responding with tit-for-tat violence as a first measure poses a significant risk of quickly escalating into a spiral of violence leading to an all-out war.

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As responsible global citizens, it is our duty to question the necessity and effectiveness of military interventions, especially when they result in the loss of countless lives and further destabilize regions already facing significant challenges. We must call for diplomatic and peaceful solutions that prioritize dialogue and understanding over aggression and violence.

Notably, during the last temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, attacks on U.S. troops in the region also ceased. A renewed ceasefire agreement holds the potential to safeguard Palestinian lives, secure the release of hostages in Gaza, and protect U.S. soldiers by significantly reducing tensions across the region. Collectively, these measures can lay the groundwork for establishing conditions conducive to finding a sustainable path towards lasting peace.

A peaceful future is possible, and war has yet to be a solution to the lasting issues our world faces. The reality is that the current surge of violence in the Middle East is a direct correlation of the ongoing and devastating violence in Gaza perpetrated by Israel and funded by the United States. Consequently, it is imperative for President Biden to exert every effort to promptly establish a ceasefire in Gaza and lead vigorous regional diplomacy focused on achieving a sincere de-escalation of violence.

We must continue to demand a ceasefire!