Because of the risks of COVID-19, the PJALS office is closed and all staff are working from home. All in-person events are canceled and all meetings will take place by phone or videoconference. Email is the most direct way to reach us.

We know all of us are safer when all of us are protected!

We deeply treasure the members of our Peace and Justice Action League community who are in their 60’s, 70’s, or older as well as the many people living with compromised immune systems. As we renew our commitment to disability justice, we will strive to make decisions that allow and encourage the most vulnerable people to fully participate as we do our part to help “flatten the curve” of covid19.

We are in the process of figuring out how to most effectively deliver the important conference content to you to accomplish the goals of the now-canceled Action Conference: sharpening skills, deepening relationships, improving strategy, increasing effective action! We may reschedule to a later date OR it could mean that this year, instead of our Action Conference, we host interactive webinars or videoconferences to host speakers, panels, and workshops.

I know you will join me in thanking all our presenters who have been working hard to prepare for their workshops, thanking our sponsors for their generosity, and thanking Shar Lichty who has been the lead organizer for the Action Conference!

This moment is a prime example of how we all do better when we all do better. We’re in this together!

We support calls for paid sick leave for all workers. We support calls for a moratorium on deportations so that clinics and hospitals are safe for undocumented people. We care for those doing the caring! We celebrate the working people of the healthcare system: the nurse aides, the housekeeping staff, first responders, nurses, and doctors. We appreciate the teachers and school districts navigating this crisis with kids and communities in mind. We support the Tenant Union’s call for a moratorium on evictions – Will you join me in signing this petition to Governor Inslee?

For more on how we can support each other, please check out Giving Compass: “Coronavirus: Six Steps Donors Can Take to Support Nonprofits” – my favorite 3 are:
• Maintain or increase funding levels.
• Think about “safety net” organizations.
• Contribute to coordinated community efforts.

We are committed to finding or creating ways to be in community together even while we are using social isolation to keep each other safe.

This is a moment of individual and collective choice of how we handle crisis. We need to be nimble, thoughtful, and true to our values in the weeks and months to come. We appreciate you!