“difficult yet creative and exciting”

By Brooke Sutton, PJALS Intern

               As an intern at the Peace and Justice Action League I got to the chance to participate in new experiences such as marching in the Indigenous people’s march, attending rallies, tabling at the Women’s March, attend meetings with city council and be a peacekeeper. Attending these events allowed me the opportunity to network with other people in the community who are interested in social justice. Networking with folks allowed me the opportunity to build my contacts for later in my social work career.

               Something that has impacted me the most was our most recent event, the Young Activist Forum that was created by the Young Activist Leaders Program. Creating this event from scratch was a difficult yet creative and exciting process. I was given the opportunity to get the forum started. For me it is difficult to speak in front of others, so this was an excellent way to challenge that fear. 

               Like many others, the Young Activist Leaders Program has provided me with skills that I can practice when I’m in the social work field. These experiences have allowed me to open my shell and face challenges that I had not been given much opportunity to face.