PJALS is excited to announce that director Liz Moore will serve as the first Activist-in-Residence at EWU this winter. This is a wonderful opportunity to further the work we’ve begun through our Young Activist Leaders Program and our community organizing internships. We’re committed to supporting youth-led organizing and increasing youth engagement in our social justice campaigns. This Activist-in-Residence Program will do both while connecting us more deeply with students and faculty at EWU.

The Activist-in-Residence Program will support community engagement of students and faculty, provide opportunities to network with a variety of student groups and many EWU departments and programs, and establish broad and diverse connections between EWU and the wider community.

EWU’s Women’s and Gender Studies Program (WGS) and the Women’s Studies Center (WSC) led the creation of the Activist-in-Residence Program, in which a local or regional activist will work with WGS students and faculty, WSC, student groups, and other programs and units throughout the University for one quarter each year. Through interaction with the Activist-in-Residence, students will gain valuable experiential learning pertinent to their academic programs and will engage with community members and groups on a variety of issues.