As we go to press, supporters of Bradley Manning are preparing to demonstrate, while the U.S. government moves toward harsh punishment for this alleged whistleblower who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Charged with giving graphic evidence of U.S. war crimes to Wiki-Leaks, Manning was to be in court on April 24.
Manning has been imprisoned for almost two years, about half of that in reprehensible conditions before he was charged with a crime. Now, a court martial looms in spite of the fact that he was declared guilty by the commander-in-chief, precluding any hint of presumption of innocence.
The Bradley Manning support network asks that you contact Attorney General Eric Holder, who called in March for a “profound national commitment to ensuring an open government,” and ask how he can support the abuse of PFC Manning for allegedly telling the truth. Whistle-blowers, as Obama’s campaign pledge states, are vital to a vibrant democracy. We must ask Holder how he can claim to support an open government while persecuting so brutally those who reveal the truth.
DOJ switchboard-202.514.2000
AG Public Comment Line: 202.353.1555
Email for AG or DOJ: [email protected]

And now, the Secretary of Defense is upset with the LA Times for printing evidence of U.S. troops’ disrespect for the bodies of people they killed in Afghanistan.

Spokane Veterans for Peace invites you to join in demanding that our leaders quit hiding the truth about war. Only when truth prevails will our country quit rushing to violence as the default solution to conflict. And, find us on Facebook.