Hands Off Rafah-Ceasefire Now Rally:

Saturday February 17th

12pm – 1pm

on the corners of Wellesley & Division

Will you take action for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine/Israel and steps for lasting peace? Here are two ways you can act:

We will also be making signs at the PJALS office (35 W. Main Ave) on Friday February 16th from 11am to 2pm. Drop by and make a sign for Saturday! Supplies will be provided.

Context on Situation

Israel’s military has been forcibly relocating Palestinians in Gaza towards the southern region for months. Approximately 1.9 million people are crowded in Rafah–which was supposed to be a safe place to flee– they are now trapped, residing in tents, having to experience displacement over and over again. With no alternative refuge, they face continuous bombing by the Israeli government, utilizing U.S. munitions. Another $14 billion was just authorized by Congress to send to Israel. We must act now!

US-funded Israeli military bombings have led to immense suffering, lives taken, and widespread displacement. Children and families in Gaza urgently need assistance. As members of this community, we must assert our power to raise our voices and call for action. Petition our congressional representatives today and make your voice heard in opposition of the U.S’s unwavering support of Israeli military action. Sign by clicking the button below!

The United State’s continuous military funding in the form of billions of dollars to Israel to continue raining down on Palestinian civilians is deplorable.  A military-first approach has yet to solve the lasting problems our country and world face. The recent U.S. attacks in Iraq and Yemen are intricately connected to the prevailing violence in Gaza; these strikes have been in retaliation for groups attacking U.S troops in order to drive them out of the region because of the explicit contributions the United States has made to support Israel’s violence.

No one’s lasting safety can be achieved through the suppression and suffering of any other group of people. We must reject antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Muslim racism, and all ideologies which dehumanize or denigrate any part of our human family. It is our firm belief that sustainable peace can only be achieved through diplomatic dialogue, respect for human rights, and the pursuit of just and equitable solutions.

Our community must continue to call for peace in the midst of violence. Our collective voice can make a difference–please sign and share the petition, and join us on Saturday at 12pm! If you have any questions about the petition or the rally on Saturday, please email me at [email protected]. See you there!