We’re always welcoming interns for summer and the academic year! Will you help spread the word?

This is a great opportunity to learn and sharpen your organizing skills and to be part of exciting campaigns for change.

Click here for a downloadable pdf with the full position description!

What do interns say about their experience with PJALS? Here’s a testimonial:

A professor once told me that in order to get hired at any job, all one really needs is to be organized, write well, speak well, and be able to work as a team member. What I got out of PJALS was an introduction to community organizing, the ability to work as an effective team member, I have improved my writing abilities, and I have had enough practice public speaking that it is no longer an issue for me. I have also been privileged to work on projects with the United Farm Workers, NAACP, the Middle East Children’s Alliance, as well as the local heroes who make up our membership. Most important for my success was that the people at PJALS do not operate in an authoritarian power structure, and this leads to the empowerment of colleagues and self. They practice what they advocate. For me, PJALS was not just the best part of the Social Work program at EWU, but also the best part of Spokane. As I emerge from my internship, I know that I am a better person than when entering. I feel more confidence in myself, and more prepared for any job. Choosing PJALS was one of the better decisions I have made, and I would recommend PJALS to all students.