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SPOKANE, Wash. — A group of local protestors gathered Downtown to voice their concerns over President Obama’s plan to seek military action in Syria.

“We’ve just been through two wars that is killing this country and this is insane,” said Michael Beasley with Spokane Coalition Builders.

Beasley and dozens of other protestors from organizations around Spokane gathered Saturday to stand against any possible violence.

“The civilian population will suffer the heaviest toll, so we will just be adding to it,” added Veterans for Peace protestor Arthur Hathaway.

Though protestors agree a Syrian chemical attack against its own people is wrong, some said there is not enough evidence to hold the Syrian government responsible.

“At this point there is nothing but talk,” Beasley said.

“It shouldn’t be up to us to do that,” said Hathaway. “It should be up to the world court.”

The protestors held up signs and passed out fliers at Pig Out in the Park, saying any military action would be costly for the U.S.

“Military spending is killing us and takes away from everything that is important in life like health care and education,” remarked Michael Poulin with Veterans for Peace.

Poulin was upset the U.S. might proceed without approval from the United Nations, but said he was happy President Obama decided to seek approval from congress to move forward with any attack.

“Because it practices our democracy,” he said.

Around 60 people showed up for Saturday’s demonstration.