thirstingforjustice.orgBy Sheila Fox, co-chair of the Palestine-Israel Human Rights Committee

What would it be like to live on 6.3 gallons of water a day during these summer months? Many Palestinians know. Wash and drink in solidarity with them and record your experience by joining on to the Thirsting for Justice campaign for a day.

It takes 2.5 gallons or water just to flush the toilet once. A 3 minute shower takes 13 gallons. Health advocates recommend 1.5 gallons a day for drinking and cooking. During the summer, many Palestinians who live in the West Bank and Gaza have their water rationed even more by Mekorot, Israel’s national water company. A coalition of 30 leading humanitarian organizations including PJALS’s MAIA project partner Middle East Children’s Alliance created EWASH, Emergency Water Sanitation and Hygiene in the Occupied Territorities. The Thirsting for Justice Campaign demands respect for Palestinian rights to water and sanitation and seeks accountability to Israeli violations under international law. Join the campaign, receive a t-shirt and write about or video your experience. Take action here.

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