What if there were a tip jar for your personal values? What if your spare change from credit or debit card purchases could be used to fuel PJALS’s justice work? Now there is a really easy new way to give your spare change to the Peace and Justice Action League? Now there is a way for your support of our mission to become support for our organization.

MyChange lets individuals donate their spare change to the causes they care about. MyChange is really easy to use: Just sign up your debit or credit card, select PJALS to roundup for, and set a total monthly donation limit. That’s it. The app does the rest, rounding up your transactions to the nearest dollar and charging your card just once a month. Like PJALS, MyChange is based on the belief that small change adds up to big change

In three simple steps, you can use your spare change to help us resolve the issues that keep you up at night. Take 2 minutes and sign up for MyChange. By doing so, you help us expand our revenue stream, expand our base and, when multiplied by our membership list, strengthen our capacity to support, grow, and sustain the movement for peace and justice in Eastern Washington.

Click this link to get started: https://www.mychange.com/organizations/448-peace-justice-action-league-of-spokane