Thank you Farand! Congratulations Shar!

I am writing to share the news that our marvelous colleague and friend Farand will be leaving our PJALS staff team tomorrow. I value him as a colleague and person so much! I will miss working with him!! He’s really built on the strong foundation of member support for PJALS by strengthening and systematizing our internal systems, has provided endless support and guidance for strengthening member relationships, and he has made a big difference as we have increased capacity and grown so much! I still don’t quite believe I won’t be working with him next week.

Farand, thank you for everything you’ve brought, given, and made happen in the last 3 years, 4 months, and 15 days!

If you’d like to share a message of good wishes with Farand you can reach him by email today and tomorrow at [email protected].

A message from Farand:

Hello wonderful people!

I want to let you know how sad I am to be leaving PJALS and all the amazing people whom I’ve grown to respect and appreciate over my time at this “scrappy” and powerful grassroots organization that is doing such important work in this crazy world. Although my heart is sad, I know this is the right move for me at this time, for personal reasons.

Your kindness, generosity, and support has been something I’ll always remember. I’ve learned so much from every one of you and I will keep those teachings with me wherever my path may lead. When I first started at PJALS, I thought I knew a lot about solidarity, resiliency, and fighting for the rights of others. And I did, though not to the extent that you all demonstrate day to day and I am so proud of and admire you all for what you stand for. Your passion and strength exudes through everything you do to make the world a better place for everyone.

I will miss working with everyone! Especially Liz and Shar, who were there with me from the start. Their belief in me and support through the challenging times has been tremendous. I’ve learned so many new skills and have accomplished so much because of their great leadership and it is something I will never forget.

It’s been a great honor working with all of you, and I leave knowing that the PJALS is in good hands with very talented and passionate people. Thank you for everything!

I don’t plan on leaving Spokane and, if we ever get past this pandemic, I hope to see you in the community.

Wishing you all good health, a happy heart, and much peace,


I am excited to tell you our plans for staffing going forward:

Shar Lichty is transitioning into the Development Coordinator position! Shar started as an intern in 2009 and has been on staff as Organizer since 2011, leading our grassroots organizing for peace, economic justice, racial equity, and human rights. In addition, Shar has been our lead organizer for our Action Conference for more than a decade. She’s been deeply involved in fundraising for PJALS and other causes with a variety of strategies and brings so many strengths! I’m very excited to work with her and support her leadership in this new role.

She’s starting now with coordinating our PJALS Benefit: Believing In The Yet To Be!, which will be Wednesday September 16, our first online benefit. Watch for more information about how you can sponsor the event, host a “virtual table,” and invite your friends!

If you’d like to share a message of good wishes with Shar, you can reach her at [email protected].

We’ll post for the Organizer position in coming weeks, with excitement about welcoming a new person to our staff team and to our PJALS family. More to come on that!

During this transition period, Shar will continue to staff our Peace & Justice Action Committee & Showing Up for Racial Justice Committee to continue to support the great work members like you have been leading in those spaces.

As always, I appreciate being part of our Peace and Justice Action League community with you!

In love and outrage,