Saturday, November 7th 1-3pm (gather at 12:30pm)

There are 2 ways to participate in this event:

This election was a referendum on race, white supremacy culture, racial equity, and racial justice. Voters showed up by the millions to say yes to white supremacy. This is a call to name, recognize, and dismantle the structures, systems, culture, and ideology of white supremacy.

We know what keeps us safe: living in communities where people of every color and background have economic security, reliable education, and accessible healthcare; where we address problems with proven solutions like social supports instead of ever more militarized police. This is a call to continue the movement for racial equity & justice, human rights, and economic justice.

We, as a coalition of Spokane activists and organizations, have chosen to participate in the national day of action Saturday, November 7th, with the message that now is the time to connect as a community and make sure that we continue the momentum of 2020 into the winter, the next year, and beyond. We need to remember that our local politicians and law enforcement have failed time and again to listen to us as a community, as residents of this city and county, and as the tax payers who involuntarily fund the very systems that oppress us.


  • No Time to Celebrate: Connect with Your Community
  • We Keep Us Safe
  • We Count on Us
  • Black Lives Matter!
  • Public Health is a Right!
  • Be Better Spokane!
  • A Better Future is Possible!
  • Reject White Supremacy, Dismantle Structural Racism
  • Foward Together, Not one Step Back
  • People over Profits
  • Respect the Results: Advance a Justice Agenda
  • Climate Justice Now
  • Decarcerate! No New Jail!
  • Housing Justice Now!
  • Families Belong Together!