YALP has an event at the end of every year, and this year YALP was planning on a social justice art showcase night with the categories writing, video, performing arts, and visual arts, called Arts in Action. The idea came from the essay contest PJALS ran in the 80’s called Compose Peace.

However, because of the Coronavirus and the inability to meet in person, we will be putting together an online gallery of weekly submissions we receive! We are announcing a new theme weekly to keep people engaged and motivated. But it’s on a rolling basis, so there’s not a pressure to get that week’s theme in on time. The gallery will be on our website, as well as our social media. The first theme is “Into the Future,” and was announced Sunday, April 5th, and the second theme is “Our Country,” announced April 19th. To submit to Arts in Action, click here.

We didn’t release a new theme on Sunday the 12th because YALP opened our Bystander Intervention training to the public, so we didn’t meet with our core group. This date used to be our Peacekeeper training, but we took the opportunity to collaborate with The Asian Pacific Islander Coalition to specifically talk about the rise of Anti-Asian discrimination during these times to create the Bystander Intervention training. It was a huge success!

YALP is still meeting every week on Tuesdays via Microsoft Teams. Usually, on the first Tuesday of every month, we have a guest speaker come and present a workshop to us. Two weeks ago, we had our first guest speakers virtually from Planned Parenthood, and it went very well.

If you or someone you know who is under 25 and interested in YALP, or have questions about the program, contact Sarah at [email protected] or Taylor at [email protected]