By Regina Steele, Intern

emma’s revolution came to the Spokane region once more on April 21st. Pat Humphries and Sandy O performed at the Unitarian Universalist Church in a bene-fit concert for the MAIA Project to provide Palestinian children with clean, safe drink-ing water. Because of this and other events along with the many generous donations from members like you, PJALS has raised $4,000, meeting our goal of pro-viding clean water for the children of Atfal Khan You-nis kindergarten in Gaza.

The Palestine and Israel Human Rights Committee has been very busy, and recently successfully pulled off a “Freeze mob.” On April 14th, the freeze mob went into inaction in the center of the downtown (1%) mall, getting the attention the committee was seeking! Participants stood their ground in a frozen position for five minutes, illustrating the dilemma of millions of Palestinians, frozen for nearly fifty years by military occupation. This statue-like pose raised shoppers’ concerns, making them wonder what was going on until we provided information that has been systematically withheld from Americans who do not see alternative media.

This was a fun action with about twenty participants united in the cause to end the occupation. For over fifty years, US tax dollars have funded Israel’s military domination of Palestinians and their land.