doing democracy bookCome join us on August 10 for the 2nd part of our discussion of Doing Democracy! And join us for a snack potluck so we can munch while we chat! We will be meeting at 5:30-7:30 pm in the conference room of the Community Building, 35 W. Main St.

Doing Democracy presents the Movement Action Plan (MAP), Bill Moyer’s practical strategic model that describes how social movements work.

The book presents a general theory of how social movements work,
including sections on democracy, power, powerholder strategy and
movement strategy; describes the four roles that activists need to
play effectively (compared to ineffectively) and explains in detail
the eight stages of the road to success along which activists need to
guide their social movement.

For more info on the book or to download a pdf of the first 3 chapters:

It’s okay if you missed the first discussion; our first meeting was a lively, thoughtful, discussion between 15 or so people (not all of them had read the book) and it soon became apparent we needed to continue the discussion to glean all the wisdom out of the book. Each of the first three chapters alone is so rich with ideas and insights as to be a single group discussion in itself. The best part was the forging of new connections between people who share a passion for justice, equality and freedom. Hope to see you there.