A partial solution to unwarranted police shootings of unarmed civilians
By Nancy Street

Here is a partial solution to unwarranted police shootings of unarmed civilians.

Since most of the unwarranted shootings and killings have been carried out by white policemen and women against people of color, we should start to correct this awful situation by screening the police recruits. All those who are afraid of people of color, especially African-American and Hispanic males, should be screened out and not allowed to have contact with the public, especially since they are supposed to uphold the law and protect ALL citizens. Those already employed should undergo extensive diversity training and pass rigorous tests.

That way, these individuals who are given authority on our behalf to protect all of us would not be hiding behind, “I feel threatened” each time they encounter an African-American or Hispanic male, even when those individuals are lawfully going about their daily lives.

Since video now exposes police misdeeds, the public often sees clearly rampant disregard for human lives, and this terrible situation needs to stop now. Interestingly, at the first public meeting of the candidates for the Chief of Police of Spokane, this idea was submitted, but the woman in charge of the meeting refused to ask the candidates.